Yoon ( @erinyoon0597 )

11:48 PM Dec 6, 2017
#Germanytravel #stuttgart #airbnb #porschemuseum #슈투트가르트 #포르쉐박물관 #에어비앤비독일 #독일여행 현지 가정집에서 묵어 보는것, 또 하나의 여행의 즐거움이란 걸 알게되었어요. 독일식 가옥, 마을..한적하고 아름다워요. 창문을 통해 한 컷~ 여행지에서 아름답고 소중한 그들의 집을 여행객들을 위해 공개해 준 모든 분들께 감사해. 슈투트 가르트는 자동차 산업지로 포르쉐 벤츠 BMW등의 전시장이 있는 도시에요 시간이 부족해 포르쉐전시장만 방문.. I realized that staying native house is another pleasure through this trip. At first time, I hesitated to reserve the lodging but It was the best choice. German style houses and villages were all cozy, calm and beautiful. I took the picture of the street through the window.I thank to all of the hosts for letting traveller stay their beautiful and precious houses.😍🤗😆 Im not sure but I heard that Stuttgart is famous as a car industry city. There are many showrooms. I didn't have enough time so I only visited Porsche museum. It'll be the best spot for someone who really loves cars.