Billy K ( @billykohar )

5:35 AM Jan 13, 2018
OnePlus 5T vs LG V30+ Which one do you prefer and why? #oneplus #oneplus5t #5t #lg #lgv30 #lgv30plus #v30 #v30plus #moto #motoz2play #z2play



  • @eldyagustius 5:35 AM Jan 13, 2018


  • @vandyak_ 5:38 AM Jan 13, 2018

    For now, i prefer OP5T, even blm pernah nyoba, but one 1mof my friend always use Oneplus since OP3 till OP5T and always satisfied.

  • @edwint86 6:16 AM Jan 13, 2018

    Oneplus device much better I think in performance. In my opinion oneplus has the fastest battery charging so far😁

  • @voozha 6:18 AM Jan 13, 2018

    5T,,Performance charger & face unlock

  • @willhanswidjaya 7:16 AM Jan 13, 2018

    Lg v30+ good performance, great feature, best quality screen and sound quality

  • @rizkyfirmans 7:16 AM Jan 13, 2018

    5T for sure. Dash Charge is the game changer, plus Oxygen OS is the closest-Android stock ROM. Some extra RAM will give you fast performance. Cuman barangnya lagi susah bener skrg, jadi rare item πŸ˜…

  • @eldyagustius 8:21 AM Jan 13, 2018

    @rizkyfirmans and its face unlock is also the game changer. Loved how it change my behaviour to unlock the phone πŸ˜ƒ

  • @rizkyfirmans 9:15 AM Jan 13, 2018

    @eldyagustius Battery endurance gimana Bro ? Saya lagi galau nih mau migrasi ke 5T. Yg bikin galau itu karna skrg pakenya Note 8 πŸ˜…. Another question mark, the charging speed difference between dash charging vs adapt. fast charging. Galau beneran dah ane.

  • @iipriya 9:29 AM Jan 13, 2018

    V30+ spek okk n secara resmi cih πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • @eldyagustius 9:37 AM Jan 13, 2018

    @rizkyfirmans mungkin boleh tanya di empunya lapak bro πŸ˜‚ dia migrasi dari note 8 ke 5T bahkan. Nih tak colek @billykohar 🀣

  • @frjohans 10:52 AM Jan 13, 2018

    5T tapi gak resmi sayangnya

  • @billykohar 10:56 AM Jan 13, 2018

    @frjohans ga masalah sih bro klo uda hobi, blm keburu pake garansi uda ganti hp dluan πŸ˜‚

  • @billykohar 11:03 AM Jan 13, 2018

    @iipriya syg ram 4GB, sisanya uda ok

  • @iipriya 11:04 AM Jan 13, 2018


  • @billykohar 1:45 AM Jan 14, 2018

    @rizkyfirmans battery endurance jauh hemat 5T bro, SoT pasti diatas 5 jam, klo Note 8 sepengalaman saya pakai 3 bulan itu barely 4 jam. Charging speed ga beda jauh bgt sekitar 15-20mins

  • @wasawirman 1:45 AM Jan 14, 2018

    Bodynya moto asli dah, antimainstream bgt.. Sayang 625 ya bro.. Coba 835

  • @billykohar 1:49 AM Jan 14, 2018

    @wasawirman 626 bro, tinggian sdkt* hahaha iya bro, tp ada Z Force 2 kan yg 835nya

  • @rizkyfirmans 1:49 AM Jan 14, 2018

    @billykohar Wah, buat saya 15-20 menit itu signifikan Bro 😁 Saya pikir tadinya hanya selisih 5-10 menitan. Kalo gini mah kudu ngeluarin jurus ngerayu bini biar boleh switch 🀣

  • @wasawirman 1:53 AM Jan 14, 2018

    @billykohar oiya 626, yaelah dikit doang ya hahaa.. iya z2 force ya bro, tp baca blm ada unlocknya, masih bundling sama operator. Tp yaa tetep aja ah moto kurang menarik sisi jeroannya buat gw, bodynya aja udah. Enak diliat, gk enak dipake hahaa

  • @billykohar 2:36 AM Jan 14, 2018

    @rizkyfirmans oh hahaha knpa gtu bro? Sering charge on the go gtu? Bwahahaha bisaan si bro πŸ˜‚

  • @billykohar 2:38 AM Jan 14, 2018

    @wasawirman iya bro dan mnrt gw krg asik z2 force uda flagship mahal2 blm bezeless kan ngeselin πŸ˜‚ betul bro agak standar dia isinya, menang di moto modsnya aja

  • @naufalzidki 10:02 AM Jan 14, 2018


  • @frjohans 2:05 PM Jan 14, 2018

    @billykohar wkwkwk full android jadi nih skrg buat Daily driver? Untuk screen diantara semua yang ad d foto, urutannya siapa bro?

  • @billykohar 2:08 PM Jan 14, 2018

    @frjohans ada iphone x jg bro, tp ga buat daily driver πŸ˜‚ screen secara kualitas warna atau size nyaman ni bro? 5T, V30, Z2 Play, iPhone X (suka layar besar tp ga curve)

  • @frjohans 5:14 PM Jan 14, 2018

    @billykohar wadaw ampun koleksinya hahaha, kita mah X aja cukup dah. 5T yah warna paling enak?

  • @maysam_y60 2:46 PM Jan 15, 2018

    LG V30+

  • @suryoi90 2:35 PM Jan 16, 2018

    recommended ya oneplus 5T nya bang?

  • @billykohar 3:28 PM Jan 16, 2018

    @suryoi90 recommended bro, enak pakenya 😎

  • @suryoi90 3:56 PM Jan 16, 2018

    @billykohar hampir aja incar moto Z force kalo hanya lihat moto mods nya aja.. wah gadgetnya lengkap euy, tapi saya penasaran sm pixel 2.. maupun yg xl.. itu battery kecil pdhl ko bs dibilang efisien bgt ya 😐

  • @billykohar 4:18 PM Jan 16, 2018

    @suryoi90 cobain bro, uda byk yg jual di web e-commerce πŸ˜€

  • @suryoi90 4:43 PM Jan 16, 2018

    @billykohar duh ngakak online ni bro blom sanggup harga segitu πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚